How to Hide my IP address

Step by Step Guide

IP Hider Pro
Step 1: Download and install the IP Hider Pro
Click Here to download or purchase iTake Video Converter. After the download or purchase, run the .exe file to install.
Step 2: Run the IP Hider Pro
Run IP Hider Pro, and you will see the main interface appearing like this:

Step 3: Connect to Server

Click Connect button to connect our remote server, so all your traffic will be redirected to our server. See the picture.

Tip 1: You can click Connect button in the View List, if you want to specify IP Address you use.
Tip 2: If you want to connect to specific country, you can select the country in the Connect Tocombo box before you click the Connect button.
Tip 3: In the Change Everycombo box, you can specify the time span.

Step 4: Program Settings (Optional)

Click the Setting button to manage the programs: